Permission to be Unlikeable Sweatshirt

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Now accepting PRE-ORDERS ONLY from January 25- February 8th. 
Please allow up to 5-6 weeks from your purchase to receive this exclusive sweatshirt. 
Complimentary 5x2 inch sticker of the "Retro" Permission To Be Unlikeable design is included with every purchase! 
Our Inspiration
It all started with an inspiring Forbes article by comrade Tanya Tarr about how the 116th  congress can teach female CEO's to reject the likability myth. For too long, society has labeled women who are outspoken and unapologetic in our values as "abrasive" and "unlikeable." We've been socialized to believe we have to conform, accommodate others, and yes, be perceived as likable.
This design is about being true to ourselves and leaning into our values even if it's the unpopular choice.We embrace our unlikeability. Today we give ourselves permission to be unlikeable!
Behind The Design
Such a bold phrase for a dainty font. Upon initial glance one would think you're about to read a romantic quote out of a Jane Austen novel. Instead, this design gives you the punch followed by a sweet curtsy! 
Sweatshirt is unisex cut. View Size Chart
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